What is Angels Cafe?

We are a little bit of everything!!

Part Mexican Restaurant

Part Cofee Shop

Part Sandwich Shop

Weekly & Daily Specials

Also the Thursday Mexican Special

About Angels Cafe

Big Ass Burritos
Home of the Biggest and Best tasting Burritos in Mildenhall?? You bet ya!!!

Founded in 2005, Angels Cafe strives to provide you with the best food available in Mildenhall. We use only locally sourced ingredients and all of our items are freshly prepared. Owners David and Tina Hines have worked hard to make access for the local Military as easy as possible with a curbside drop off, online ordering, and even front gate delivery on large orders.

  • From Burritos to carnitas, we serve it all

  • Eggs Benedict all the way up to omelets we have the choice that just right for you.

  • Outside of our regular menu we have a weekly specials menu and on thursday we have our signature Mexican Special

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